Accuflex Bevlex 1/2 Braided tubing


Item#: 170-08100-77

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  • The Glas-Flex liner is a hard smooth contact surface that is non-porous, non-reactive, odorless, tasteless and provides a superior barrier, cleanability, and flushability. It offers optimum taste properties with no extraction that could impart taste to the water.
  • The glass-like smooth contact surface will not trap water-borne contaminants or provide sites for algae growth.
  • Heavy-walled construction to resist crushing and kinking and provide ease of handling during installation.
  • Bevlex® Plus 180 hose offers the purity of the Bev-Seal Ultra® 175 hose with the handling ease of the Bevlex® 170 hose.
  • Dual-walled silver/black layered opaque jacket prevents transmission of light including UV radiation through the hose wall, thus reducing the risk of algae growth in filtered water.
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